Monday, July 21, 2008

Delicacies from Yechezkel's Shabbos Table - Parshas Pinchas Challenge

This week we discussed the following question:

Why on earth is the Parsha of Temidim and Musafim in Parshas Pinchas?

IOW, all of the events that are related in Parshas Pinchas are a series of events which actually occurred around the 40th year of our sojourn from Egypt. Thus, we get the impression that the Korbanos of Temidim V'Musafim were actually first commanded to us in year 40.

It is very difficult to support this idea as, for one thing, the commandment of the Temidim was specifically given in Parshas Tetzaveh. As for the Yomim Tovim, Rashi in Parshas Emor (Vayikra 23:8) says that the Isheh L'Hashem was the musaffim of Parshas Pinchas. (Rashi there is very difficult because he asks in Vayikra "Why are the musaffim mentioned here?" What do you mean "mentioned here"? All of Sefer Vayikra are the mitzvos that were dictated at Har Sinai! It should be here. The question should be why are they mentioned THERE - meaning, in Pinchas).

The Netziv in Vayikra (ad loc.) picks up on this and initially entertains the idea that the musaffim were not brought before they entered Eretz Yisroel and therefore they were first commanded 40 years later. He rejects this because chazal tell us that the burnt goat that Moshe sought in Parshas Shmini after Nadav and Avihu died, was the Se'ir Rosh Chodesh. It is obvious that the musaffim were commanded at Sinai.

The Netziv does suggest that perhaps a tzivui of mussafim for Yom Tov was given at Sinai, but the exact "details" in terms of how many of what animal was not specified until Parshas Pinchas. Until then, they could improvise whatever mussaf they wanted. This would only hold true for Yom Tov but not for the Tamid, Shabbos or Rosh Chodesh.

A bit of a dochek, if you ask me.

Of course we know that Rashi in Pinchas says that our entry to Eretz Yisroel was b'zchus the Korbanos so that basically answers the question but we were looking for an answer with a little more spice.

After considerable deliberations, we came up with an interesting alternative answer - but I do not want to reveal it just yet. I want to see if any readers would care to make any suggestions.

I will give it a few days and then I will disclose the result of the jury deliberations.



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the Netziv in Pinchas on Korban Tamid.