Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About this Blog - Tips and Rules for Comments

Welcome to the Achas L'Maala and Sheva L'Matta Blog

About this Blog:

This Blog is a supplement to my book One Above and Seven Below: A Consumer's guide to Orthodox Judaism from the Perspective of the Chareidim (1a7b). This Blog follows the philosophies of 1a7b. If you have not read 1a7b, you may have a hard time relating to 1a7b perspectives. To understand more about the book and what are its goals, please see the FAQs section of the book.

Readers who appreciate 1a7b will appreciate this Blog. Readers who do not appreciate 1a7b might not appreciate this Blog. But this Blog is for everybody - friends and foes alike. To get the most from this Blog, I highly recommend you to read this post: The Guiding Principles of 1a7b.

Policies for Comments:

  • I very much encourage comments.
  • At this time I am leaving the comments free of moderation. Blast away!
  • All insults, cynical cheap shots, and "mi shebeirachs" go into the comments section. Have fun, but do so at your own risk.
  • Most Important - Because of the above, I have no intention of personally interacting with comment threads as I have seen in numerous other Blogs. This Blog exhausts too much of my time as it is. That said, I may occasionally post a responsive comment either singly or a collective response to a batch of comments. If you sincerely wish me to clarify my position on a post and want a serious response - email me at:
Caution to Commenters:

  • I shoot back.
  • I have little tolerance for comments that lack substance.
  • A comment that illustrates that you have no inkling as to the philosophies of 1a7b may make you come across looking foolish in my eyes and in the eyes of those who do understand it. Watch out!

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Anonymous said...

well.. it's like I said!

Anonymous said...

You're being quoted on a blog. For being a jerk. Be warned.