Thursday, January 7, 2010

Expanding my Horizons (and Paying my Bills)

As book sales are tapering down, expenses mount and exchange rates sink, I need to find more creative ways of selling my advice to anybody who is willing to pay for it.

To that end, over the past few years I have been undergoing intensive training to provide counseling and coaching services to those in need and I am now ready to go "prime time". About a year ago, I earned a diploma in Professional Counseling from Refuah Institute in Jerusalem under Professor Joshua Ritchie, MD and I am fully certified for Marriage Guidance at Y.N.R (Yiutz Nissuin Rabbani - Rabbinical Marriage Counseling) Institute in Jerusalem as well as by the Misrad HaChinuch.

My main area of focus is in the realm of Marriage and Shalom Bayis (couples counseling) and my method is to apply the principles of One Above and Seven Below to real life issues. I touched upon the issues of man/woman relationships from the 1a7b perspective in my book on pages 161-168 (available as part of this post) and Shalom Bayis on pages 246-248 (available HERE).

For all those who live in the Jerusalem area and wish to benefit from my services,  you may call me at: 03-7219475 Ext. 274. You can also email me at: (note that email may compromise identity). If you have Skype, you can also Skype me at: yiutz.1a7b and leave a message.

 You need not leave your real name or any personal details besides how and when to contact you.

Hatzlacha Rabba to all.



Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...

Anyone willing to pay for your advice is an idiot, and anyone who seeks to sell exclusively to idiots is a swindler.