Monday, August 4, 2008

One Churban After the Next

One of my father (LOY"T)'s all time favorites:

A Jewish man was walking along and he didn't notice that there was another Jew walking about 30 or 40 yards behind him. Suddenly, the Jew in front stopped, slapped himself on the head and exclaimed, "Oy Vay, ah churban hut mir getruffen!" (Woe is me, a destruction - a disaster - has befallen me!)

After another few steps, he did it again: "Oy Vay, ah churban hut mir getruffen!" and again: "Oy Vay, ah churban hut mir getruffen!" Each time, the Jew in back came a little bit closer.

After repeating this a number of times the Jew in front eventually noticed that there was a second Jew catching up with him. He turns and says, "Ah, s'du noch ah yid! Sholom Aleichem, vi heist du?" (Oh, here is another Jew. Sholom Aleichem, what is your name?"

"Ich heist, Yossele!"

"Nu, Yossele, s'shoin lang az du geist mir noch?" (So, Yossele, have you been following me a long time?)

"Azoy fuhn der ehrshte churban!" (Ever since the first destruction!)

May we have seen the end of all the churbanos!

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