Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Upcoming Presidential Administration - The View from Williamsburg

This was sent to me in an email:


Ari said...

Must be a joke because chasidim are usually much more pragmatic. If it's "real" -- that is to say, if these captions reflect an attitude expressed publicly by the leadership -- then they must feel as if they have nothing to lose since many seemed to mock Obama during the campaign, and they know that they can't ask for any favors now.

G said...


Would this then be an example of the correctness of Chareidi-ism?

Anonymous said...

Throughout the long years of our Golus, Jews have always been loyal citizens of the countries in which they have resided. Gedolei Yisroel through the generations have emphasized the importance of showing hakoras hatov to our host nations and according honor to their leaders. This is particularly so when those nations have provided a hospitable environment for the growth and development of the Jewish community.

Perhaps no nation in the history of humankind has shown greater friendship to the Jewish people than the country in which we reside, the United States of America. America has proven itself to be a medinah shel chesed, a land that has been good and kind to Jews both within its borders and beyond.

The American people have voted to elect a new president, Senator Barack Obama, who is pledged to continue this great tradition of chesed. It is incumbent upon all Jews, even those of us who may have supported the candidacy of Senator John McCain, to show President-elect Obama the proper dignity and honor due to the leader of our country – and, it goes without saying, to distance ourselves from any intemperate rhetoric that demeans the office of the presidency.

We take this opportunity to offer congratulations and best wishes to President-elect Obama, with whom we look forward to a warm and productive relationship. May Hashem, in Whose hand the hearts of all earthly leaders reside, guide America’s new president to succeed in carrying out his awesome responsibilities in a manner that will bring great blessing to the Jewish people, to America, and to all of humankind.

Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a sense of humour would be in order here? I thought it was cute.