Thursday, January 8, 2009

Please send Whitehouse an Email to Pardon Jonathan Pollard

As most of you are aware, there are slightly less than 2 weeks remaining to President George Bush's term in office. It is traditional for outgoing Presidents to grant Presidential pardons as a final and compassionate act of authority. We must take advantage of this fleeting opportunity to beseech President Bush to release Jonathan Pollard. It doesn't hurt to beseech HKBH to do likewise ( יהונתן בן מלכה ).

To follow is a sample email message to send to the Whitehouse on behalf of Jonathan Pollard (you may copy/paste).

An appropriate subject line would be:

Please Pardon Jonathan Pollard

Body of letter (of course, you can modify it to your taste):

Dear President Bush,

Throughout your Presidency you have proven yourself to be a true friend of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people as well as a man of compassion. Still, men are always remembered by what they do in their final days as people forget about earlier achievements. At this point in time, your commitment of friendship faces its final challenges. As your Presidency comes to a close, it is a time for action.

Please enshrine your commitment of friendship for all eternity and grant full clemency to Jonathan Pollard who has remained loyal to his American heritage and has been regretful of his wrongdoings.


Joe and Sarah Friedman (Sample names)

Your City, Your State

Your message can be emailed to:

Also, your message can be faxed to:


ה' מתיר אסורים

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