Friday, February 6, 2009

Shidduchim V: There Must Be 18 Ways to Find Your Beloved

For those of you who are convinced that I totally wasted my time in Lakewood...perish the thought. Actually I wrote my first major Torah work although, until today, it hasn't been published. To compile this great piece of scholarship, I spent most of my few waking hours between dates trying to collect as many pirushim as I could on the famous saying of Chazal (Sota 2a):

וקשין לזווגן כקריעת ים סוף

I managed to amass an anthology of 18 pirushim and wanted to put out a kuntress like, maybe, The ArtScroll Kasha Zivugim but it never happened (I was holding out for more pirushim but I accidentally got married along the way and that put an end to the whole game).

And now, L'kavod Parshat BeShalach, (and with apologies to Tamar Ansh - who lives 2 buildings away from me) I have presented my anthology on the true meaning(s) of Splitting the Sea in the following embedded document.

Enjoy - feel free to comment and to submit more material to the anthology.

Kasha Zivugim


Anonymous said...

Pirush 19 (from here): at the core of a human being's self is the desire for oneness with G-d, and therefore also with one's spouse, since the two of them complete the Divine name Yud-Kei. This essential nature, like the seabed, is often concealed, and we need to reveal it - like at the splitting of the sea - in order to create and maintain one's relationship with the other half of his or her soul.

chanie said...

I like that, "but I accidentally got married along the way". Somehow, accidents like that one happen to the best of us. What a shame.