Thursday, March 26, 2009

Absolving the Casualty - The Torah's Perspective of Victimhood

Well, I suppose I let the genie out of the bottle. My comments section is still bare and my site-meter is still crawling but I couldn't leave that post unfinished.

The post is my response to the material posted by Emes Ve-Emunah and Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz entitled Blaming the Victim. It assumes a twisted position that only the perceived aggressor (meaning the one who "won the fight") is eligible to be judged and that the victim/accuser is totally immune. It implies that everything is black and white - the "good guy" is 100% blameless and the "bad guy" is 100% guilty.

I vehemently reject this position. We do not live in such a black and white world.

I wrote the post in Word with color formatting so I will post in in iPaper to preserve the formatting.

Absolving the Casualty
Absolving the Casualty binhersh Essay on the technical differences in political language and the Torah's perspective on what is a true victim.


Schvach said...

Don't whine. My blog is probably one year older than yours, and you already have had more hits.

OJ said...

I was led to your post by a comment left on N. Slifkin's blog. I have to be honest (yes, I learned in Yeshiva: Ner Yisroel in case you were wondering) and I am appalled by your post (mostly due to how it has been taken by others).

To claim that one can be taken advantage of (and is not a 'victim') because of the way she dresses, etc. is a disgusting view. The Torah does not justify looking at pornography because it is readily accessible. Thus, while the 'victim' in your case is not completely absolved of the crime "she" committed, in no way is the act of the other party justified.

This point is not clarified enough in your post. I only hope a chillul Hashem doesn't result

ahuvah said...

may there come a time, speedily in our day, when women are free to walk the entirety of this earth, at any time without fear of harm, and Jews are free to walk the entirety of the holy land at any time without fear of harm