Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time for "Resettlement"?

If anybody thinks that martial law in the US and the FEMA concentration camps (just Google it!) are pink elephants and dream stuff, please check out this link:

WND -Internment/Resettlement

and think 1938.

Look at the Go Army link - that's a real army web site, folks, and watch the embedded video on the WND site (the one that ends "G-d help us all!"). Now, you may think, "No reason to get alarmed. National security normally calls for internment of 'enemy' entities." Perhaps so, but why should anybody ever need to be "resettled" - in the good old U.S. of A.??

My advice is to think about doing your own "resettlement" before it does you. Start packing your bags and click here:

Nefesh B'Nefesh - (the Resettlement Specialists you can trust!)

See you soon - and G-d help us all!


Baruch said...




(Because, if it was reported on World Net Daily, it's probably not true)

Yechezkel said...

I checked your links plus a friend of mine sent me a link that showed the identical listing in an Army MOS site dated 2005. My post was indeed based on the assumption that this is a totally new job listing and the fact that it is not certainly mitigates the potency of this "revelation".

Still, as is evident from the commenters on some of these sites (the Hotair one in particular), many rational sounding people go out of their way to debunk the debunkers. The only "debunking" claim is that this is an old carreer listing that was created about 2001 (hm-m-m, wasn't that the year of 9/11?) but it was always an Army listing and now, it suddenly becomes an advertised campaign for the Ntl Guard. One debunk site tried to explain this away by saying that Ntl Guard units were sent to Iraq to supplement Army and Marines. This falls a bit short because it's one thing to utilize Ntl Guardsmen for their Ntl Guardsmen skills when those skills are useful overseas. It's another thing to train Ntl Guardmen for skills that they, as Ntl Guardsmen, are not supposed to have. The bigger question raised was that if Obama promised to close Gitmo and is looking to gradually pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan then there won't be much Internment /Resettlement business in store for the US Army in the Obama future so why a sudden campaign for more personnel and from the Ntl Guard to boot?

But there's another nagging question: How come for 7 or 8 years this listing existed and nobody noticed it and now it all of a sudden strikes a cord of fear into the hearts of paranoids like me? What does this say about what else is going on around town?

Something is definitely moving in the wrong direction.

That said, a word about my apparent "weakness" for "conspiracy theories". As I wrote in a recent post on the subject, I am not from the younger generation and I grew up in the shadow of the holocaust. There are 3 and only 3 ways to look at the holocaust:

1) It didn't happen
2) It was a fluke of human history and strange political circumstances and will never happen again
3) It was orchestrated by G-d - for a reason (because we "needed" it).

Forget about conspiracy theories. I am a firm believer in number 3 above. And I believe something else:

The same G-d who was at the controls in 1939 is the same one who was at the controls in in 70 AD, 1150-1350, 1492, and 1648 and He is still at the controls now in 2009. He hasn't hesitated to dish out a holocaust when we "needed" one and He hasn't told us that we don't "need" any more. In fact, the game won't finish until the Moshiach arrives and according to some neviim (Zechariah in particular - he's the one who was murdered and whose blood boiled), there is more to come - if we "need" it.

I wonder: Were there fanatical paranoid doosdayers before each of these holocausts yelling, "Watch out, guys, there's a storm brewing!" while all the sane peole were saying "Relax, it's just some overblown hype - just look at this web site"?

Because, if there were, then maybe it's not a good idea to ignore outlandish paranoid "conspiracy theories". And if there weren't, it means that even if every conspiracy theory is totally groundless, we are still going to get our lickings anyhow.

Either way, we lose.

Yechezkel said...

To summarize the above post in 2 lines:

1) None of the "debunk" material for any of the big atrocities - 9/11 Truth, Obama Deception, WND, etc. - has shown that they are false (or - can't be true); only that some of the "evidence" is overblown and distorted.

2) History has shown us that not every atrocity theory is false.

Incidentally, forget about the "One World Economy" buffs, the Islamic quest for global dominance is not a theory.

Anonymous said...

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