Thursday, July 27, 2017

Petiton Update - Time to Resend the Emails

Five days until Tisha B'Av and the sinas chinam is at its peak.

כל דור שלא נבנה בית המקדש בימיו, כאילו הוא חורבו!

Any generation of Jews in whose time the Beis Hamikdash was not rebuilt, it is looked upon as if they [personally] destroyed it!

It seems that of the two petitions that I referenced in my initial post about Malka Leifer, one of them was "processed" and given over to David Southwick, a very liberal Jewish politician from Melbourne, and was delivered to some Knesset members. This is the larger of the two petitions and is currently marked at 13,159 supporters. 

That is 13,159 people - most of them Jews - who have no first-hand knowledge of events and are quite eager to "sign off" fellow Jews to non-Jewish authorities based only on "pathos" and what they have been fed by other agenda ridden Jews.


It appears that the timing of this delivery is meant to prelude the upcoming Malka Leifer extradition hearing that is supposed to take place on July 30, this coming Sunday (הבעל"ט). Incidentally, I am scheduled to take an excruciating test on Even Ezer II on Sunday (one reason I haven't been writing of late). I hope it's a good day.

In any case, in light of this petition, I am calling on all those who abhor sinas chinam and chillul Hashem to send (or resend) the anti-extradition emails to Ayelet Shaked and Avichai Mandelblit that I called for last year. Hence, I am reprinting last year's email post in full.

May HKBH have rachmanus on all of his sheep and send us a speedy redemption, בב"א.


Suggested Emails to Ayelet Shaked and Avichai Mandelblit

Please send emails to the following addresses:

In the subject line, copy and paste the following:

   לא להסגיר את מלכה לייפר

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