Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More on the Baby Boom - Was it That Cold Last January?

This item was on the Arutz-7 Web Site today:

Record Births at Kaplan

Cheshvan 13, 5769, 11 November 08 05:10

(IsraelNN.com) Staff at Kaplan hospital in Rehovot said Monday that a record number of babies were delivered at the hospital in October — 544, 20 percent more than in October of the previous year. The hospital averages approximately 480 births a month.

Hospital staff attempted to explain the new record and suggested it was linked to the unusually low temperatures recorded in January. However, other hospitals in the area reported only standard increases in the number of births, making the theory unlikely.


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20% in one year!

Kaplan serves Rechovot, Lod, Ramle, Nes Tziona and the general vicinity. There are Jews and Arabs, Chilonim, Datim and Chareidim.

Who are having all these babies?

I can't answer this question - I don't know any midwives at Kaplan. But I can venture a guess.

I think that those journalists who report a reduction in birthrates since the cutbacks in child allowances have been polling old age homes and not hospitals.

Incidentally, there have been plenty of colder Januarys than last year's. Take my word for it. Perhaps it has more to do with resolving last year's "mikvah attendant" salary crisis.

Once again, I sure wish I was in the pre-fab caravan business.

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