Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Reference in the Torah to Jewish Blogging

I have noticed and noted that the Jewish blogosphere is the lawless "Wild West" of cyberspace where the rule is "e unim pluribus" - from one come many!

Some of my earlier posts have revealed my affinity to finding relevant concepts encrypted in the Torah following the precedents of the Baal HaTurim and other sefarim that I have referenced. That said, I was wondering if there is a remez where the Torah alludes to the ruthlessness and lawlessness of the Jewish blogging experience.

Well - here goes (this is my own Purim Torah - there is no one else to blame):

There are no occurrences whatsoever of the word ישראל (as I just spelled it) in a consecutive rashei teivos or sofei teivos sequence in all of Tanach!

Nevertheless, there are about 5 occurrences in the Torah of the word ישראל in rashei teivos but not in proper order. The very first of these occurrences comes from last week's parsha (Breishis 11:7):

הבה נרדה ונבלה שם שפתם אשר לא ישמעו איש שפת רעהו

Let us go down and disorganize there their languages so that each one will not hear (alt.: listen to, comprehend, accept) the language of his comrade.

And the rashei teivos of these five words spell out the word ישראל all scrambled up.

I have never seen a better description of the Jewish blogosphere (and perhaps, Jewish dialog in any medium) than this!

E unim pluribus!


Anonymous said...

Instead of "E unim pluribus," I think a better way to end that post would've been:

Kol hapasul bemumo pasul!

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