Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Anniversary - Cane Tihiyeh Lanu

Romantic Picture in Honor of my Parents' 60th Anniversary

My parents have an apartment in Har Nof and they are visiting there at present. Both of them like to use a cane when their joints act up. Baruch Hashem, they can dance at their grandchildren's (cane yirbu) weddings without them.

I walked into the apartment this morning and this is what I saw:

They will be married for 60 years on 5 Tammuz, הבעל"ט.

May the next 60 years be just as fruitful and just as sweet.

ליהודים היתה אורה ושמחה וששן ויקר - כן תהיה לנו

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flirting with Danger

There seems to be a great deal of confusion out there about what is basic Halacha and what isn’t. So, with regard to the Malka Leifer episode, it’s probably a good idea to review the Halachos in the clearest of terms.

1.   It has not been established on Halachic grounds that Mrs. Leifer is guilty of anything. There was no confession and there is even no evidence that there was a crime. Note that not one of her accusers reported an assault, not to the school and not to the authorities, at the time that it allegedly happened. And they were all capable of doing so.

2.   Even if she is guilty of what she is being accused of, the activities are not felonious by Torah standards and don’t call for any extreme penalties. Not even judicial flogging. Claims of emotional and psychological injury to the victims are only personal injury claims and are monetary and not criminal. 

3.   It is strictly forbidden to turn over any Jew to secular authorities for punishment that is not called for in Torah law. This is called mesira and is one of the gravest offenses possible. How much more so if no guilt or crime has been established.

4.   Transporting a person away from his home for enslavement or imprisonment when not sanctioned by the Torah is called “Gonev  Ish U’Mecharo” and is a capital crime.

5.   There can be dispensations to the above two Halachos in the case of one who is currently and actively endangering others (rodef). Yosef’s brothers [mistakenly] thought so about him. [Un]fortunately, in our case, there is no situation of rodef currently in effect.

6.   Even in a case where mesira and or imprisonment could be justified, there is an independent prohibition of transporting the subject outside of Eretz Yisroel. This is extrapolated from the Halacha of the eved canaani in Yoreh Deah 267:85. (Note this is an extension of clause 267:84 which tells us that this prohibition applies in our day and age).

All of this does not add up to a pretty picture. And when you add to all this that the efforts to violate the Halacha with this extradition campaign and all the publicity that it generates is causing a colossal chillul Hashem, R”L, it doesn’t really make this campaign look like a good idea.

These are not “Halachic assertions”. They are basic Halacha. There is no room for debate.

It is sad to see misguided advocates and Rabbinical councils misuse their prestige and stature to fundamentally flaw the primacy of Halacha in the eyes of the Jewish consumer.

It is understood that these folks are having a hard time. Such goodie-goodie Halachos interfere with their agendas. Nobody who likes to talk likes the Chofetz Chaim. He makes life miserable for them. And nobody who wants to extradite likes me. I am making life miserable for them. For them to acknowledge that they cannot extradite our villain is devastating. It’s like I am pouring ketchup on their ice cream.

How cruel!

Of course, there are plenty of bloodthirsty compassionate tzaddikim who know that I cannot possibly be correct. And they are sure to let me know how wrong I am. Thus, one fine Australian Jew who calls himself William or Zev or something (and who doesn’t know when to quit) accosted me (by email):

How dare you contradict 7 leading Poskim who have clearly given a Psak Halocha re Leifer the monster and Rodef.

I called his bluff:

Okay, Tzaddik, let's work on this together.

I want:

·         the names of every "Leading" Posek that was asked

·         who asked them

·         what precisely was asked

·         how they did birurim

·         what was the precise response.

I don't want just seven poskim that you claim I am contradicting, I want every posek that was asked (let's see who I am not contradicitng). Al tapel davar!

I understand this may be a tough job, so to start with, just give me the requested information about the seven you seem to be aware of. Since you already know all the facts, I do not expect to have to wait more than 24 hours for the "start with" information.

His response:

Who in the h*** are you to ask anything??
Needless to say, I didn’t get any psakim from seven “Leading” poskim and not even from one. And it has been way more than 24 hours. Incidentally, I also asked him to name me one single nirdaf of this “monster and Rodef”. No response!

In another email he challenged:

Not 1 Rav of 17 in Melbourne share your opinion.

I shot back:

Not 1 Rav in seventeen saw my opinion.

This should have ended it but this guy kept pestering me. He was telling me that I have no idea what happened and “it was much worse than you can imagine…”

Firstly, I was terribly offended that he was underestimating my power of imagination. That aside, I tried very hard to get him to understand that whatever may have happened can only have an impact, at most, on the first two points of the list of reasons I listed at the top of this post. The other four reasons – the main ones – would not be affected. It doesn’t matter what happened.

I don’t think he got it.

Personally, I had a lot of fun playing ping-pong with this guy. His emails, along with so many comments I saw on some social media sites, show me how shallow and out of touch with reality most of these Australian Jews really are (sadly so). Lots of Americans, too, but the Australians are the main players in this game.

They are mostly what I call “consumers”, not too wise. They are an עם נבל ולא חכם.

How so?

Well, what does Rashi say? He says:

לא חכם: להבין את הנולדות...

They cannot understand what is developing…

In other words, they don’t know what trouble they may be causing for themselves.

It’s clear that the purpose of all these posts is that I sincerely want to see this extradition campaign stopped. Why?

First of all, it’s assur – forbidden. It is against the Word of G-d.

Secondly, it is a colossal Chillul Hashem and, if it isn’t stopped, it will only intensify as new developments take place (and hit the papers). Hey, who knows what could happen if, chas v'shalom, heaven forfend, she goes to the Kosel on Tisha B'Av?

But, lastly, it’s no good for anybody. Nobody will gain from it. And, if my intuition is correct, it’s going to boomerang ('backfire' in American). The people who the masses are meaning to help are going to get hurt.

As I wrote in my [in]famous post: They are flirting with danger.

Some mindless American opportunists taunted me about this. They want what they want and they don’t really care what happens to the Australian community or the alleged victims. As long as my ahavas Yisroel is “patronizing” (i.e., pasul) there is no merit to what I wrote.

But I wouldn’t write me off so fast. I meant what I said and I said what I meant. For a ben-Torah is faithful – 100%!

I said that the victims and the Aussies are flirting with danger. Because they cannot see the nolad. They cannot see what is developing. Allow me to explain:

Currently, they are all standing on the high mountains, thumping their chests, and screaming for vengeance justice.

We must extradite this monster back to Australia so she can face justice and be punished for her horrible crimes. It is for the good of the poor victims. They need closure. They need justice!

And the silly Australians think that all they need to do is scream loud enough and long enough and they will have their way. They will kill the beastie and life will be better for everybody. We are thousands strong against nobody of significance, what could possibly go wrong?

To quote my friend Zev/William: More than they could ever imagine.

They want a lynching and they want a nice clean job. They don’t want any resistance and they don’t want any conscience.

Of course, if a little Who like me tries to scream out, who is going to hear me? Maybe a Horton, the chareidi elephant-in-the-room with nice big ears can hear the sound of the Who, but the sour Kangaroo (and the younger ones too)…they aren’t interested. If anything, they want to boil the Who in oil.

So they think that all they have to do is do away with nuisances like me and their path is clear.

Silly sour kangaroos! They are living in the Jungle of Nool, not in the real world. The real world is a much more unpredictable and dangerous place. So, if I write that they are flirting with danger, maybe it’s something to think about?

Well, what did I mean?

Nobody bothered asking. But I had about five issues in mind.

The first two are what I clearly wrote. I write my blog for G-d fearing people –Yarei Shamayim. So these issues are those that I would expect a yarei shamayim to take seriously.

Issue 1 – There are serious issurim involved here: Mesira, Gonev Ish, Lo Tasgir, and nekama.

Issue 2 – There is a tremendous Chillul Hashem taking place here. 

Issue 3 – If one accepts issues 1 and 2, then they will realize that there is no reason for them to have any siyatta d’shmaya. The aron bris Hashem and Moshe are not with them. They will not succeed. If they do succeed, it is because they sold themselves to the “other side”.

All of the above should rile up any yarei shamayim, people who believe in the 11th principle of emunah that HKBH will punish people for their transgressions. There is serious danger here.

I was hoping this alone would reach the Australian Jews. But it seems to me that most of these Jews, the victims and their supporters, are not really yarei shamayim. So they will not acknowledge this danger.

But they should take heed that there are a number of dangers of a more earthly nature that it would be wise to think about. If one can be a chacham. If one can be ro’eh ess hanolad.

Let’s go back to my friend, Zev/William. One of the more interesting emails that he sent me read as follows:

Some suggesting if you don't drop what you wrote a protest should be organised in front of your home and shule!

My wife commented that this wouldn’t be too difficult since the shule is directly across the street from my house. But I thought I should give him some tips:
Just please tell them to be sure to get a permit and to bring plenty of bail money -- just in case. There is plenty of jail space in the Russian Compound and the government loves bail money.

Unlike Australia, Israel is not a democracy.

Israel is not a democracy. You see, Australians (and Americans) tend to think that Eretz Yisroel is Disneyland. You can do whatever you want here. And likewise they think that they can just demand an extradition of a “bad” Jew and the two governments will make their deals and nobody from the chareidi community will notice (except me).

I think they are making a big mistake. So here is…

Issue 4 – The Australian Community

I don’t know how to read the Australian Rabbinate. I only know that the RCANZ – who seems to be affiliated with Kol V’Oz – are foolishly in favor of this extradition. I don’t know where the RCV stands or anybody else. I suspect that many of the wiser rabbanim know exactly how “misguided” my Halachic beliefs are [not] and are playing neutral. I am sure there are numerous Rabbinic dissenters who are afraid to voice their position. For the moment, Victoria stands united.

We also have a Rabbinate here – more than one, and they have been strangely quiet. It’s not too strange, because there is no reason for them to make any noise here…just yet. This episode does not seem to be on the radar screen of the Eidah or Gur and Vizhnitz.  so we haven't heard from them. Why? Because it hasn’t reached a critical point.

But, if this thing isn’t dropped, it will.

The Eidah and Gur will not support this mesira; especially if it is perpetrated by the “medinah”. Trust me on this. I do not stand alone. These chevra and their kanayim haven’t woken up yet, but if this heats up, they will. When that happens, there is no telling how hot it can get.

What will happen as a result is that all of the neutral Rabbanim in Australia will have to pick a side. The legitimacy of the Australian Rabbinate in the eyes of the Chareidi kehilla in E”Y will be put to the test. And the Australian community will split into two.

Maybe my prediction is wrong, but it is ro’eh ess hanolad. There is no telling how far or serious something like this can get. Why do you folks wish this on yourselves? What do you need this for?
בא וראה כמה קשה המחלוקת

And, finally, we come to the climax of this post:

Issue 5 – The “Victims”

It seems to me that all of these silly Australians live in La-la land and watch way too much television. I don’t know what they watch in Australia but in my days in the US we used to watch Colombo and Hawaii Five-0.

In every episode of Colombo, some prestigious VIP always tried to pull off some brilliantly premeditated murder. Lt. Colombo investigates the case and peels it off layer by layer until he gets the emperor without any clothes. At the end, the crook always shakes Colombo’s hand and says, “Well done, Lieutenant” as he goes quietly into the squad car. Curtain falls.

In Hawaii Five-0 McGarret also figures out the case and corners his man – “Book him, Danno!” Curtain falls.

Everything’s cool. The crook is caught. He’s going to get fried. They'll throw away the key. He’s done. The streets are safe. We can live happily ever after.

This is not real life.

In real life the rich Colombo VIP gets a crack lawyer who destroys Colombo’s case and gets his client off. As for Steve McGarret, his man makes a quick deal with the DA, gets a suspended sentence and walks.

Justice is served.

All of the Australian shriers think that all we have to do is get Mrs. Leifer extradited to Australia and the rest is pattycake. We’ll just lock her up and throw away the key. And Dassi will smile.

Get real.

I don’t know what experience Dassi had in the Supreme court under Justice Jack Rush and I don’t know who defended the Adass shul, but I can promise her that this experience will not be the same.

If Mrs. Leifer is going to be extradited, it must be for an indictable offense. I can’t imagine getting an order of extradition for a summary offense. An indictable offense means a jury trial, which, if my Googling is accurate, must come out with a unanimous guilty verdict.

In short, Dassi will have to convince 12 people that her accusations are true. If not, no cigar. This time she will be going up against a criminal defense attorney. Not an amateur like me, a real one.

Now, even I, the amateur can see all of the flaws in her case.

·  No confession

·  No objective witnesses

·  No physical evidence to establish that any crime was committed at all!

·  No complaint filed at the time of the assault(s). In fact she is claiming four years of abuse but must admit that she never complained to anyone for all those years.

·  She came from a background of domestic abuse

·  She filed a civil suit and was awarded a lot of money

Trust me, whether she gets the conviction or not, Dassi or any other accuser is going to get sliced up on the witness chair. Sliced for her silence, sliced for the previous abuse, sliced for the money she received. The lawyer will suggest that she asked for it. He will suggest that she wanted it. He will claim that nothing was forced, it was all consensual. He will trip her up on inconsistencies. And she will have nobody who can corroborate her stories. And her answers will have to convince 12 people that she is telling the truth.

Twelve people.

Will she get her conviction?

If Mrs. Leifer gets a “fair” trial, I kind of doubt it. On one hand, I have a hard time believing that she can get a fair trial after all this hype and the stigma of suspected child abuse. This is good for Dassi.

On the other hand, a high profile episode may require that the trial be carried out even more “fairly” than usual. This is not too good for Dassi.

All I know is what Shlomo HaMelech – the supreme chacham – told us (Koheles 3:15): והא-לקים יבקש את הנרדף  And HKBH will side with the pursued.

Who is being pursued at this stage?

So, after going through this ordeal, Dassi may get her conviction and she will smile. Or she may not.

And she will cry.

Do you know what happens if somebody is extradited overseas on criminal charges and they are acquitted?

That’s right, they will sue. They will sue big. They will sue early and will sue often. They can sue anybody that participated or promoted or facilitated or spoke out in favor of the extradition.

[Added 02/24/18] And do you know who will be the first to sue?

The insurance company that covered the lawsuits against the Adass school will ask for Justice Jack Rush's ruling to be vacated. And, if they succeed, they will demand every penny back. Alternatively, they may just sue the accusers directly. This is on top of any suits that may come from the Leifer camp.
And just wait and see how many of their well-wishers and supporters are going to line up and bail them out.

You want to take that chance? Are you sure you are going to win?

Can anybody here be ro’eh ess hanolad??

So it may be a good idea to review these five issues. You may also conclude that you are playing with fire.

For so many reasons, I think it would be a very good idea to forget about this extradition. Drop it and drop it now. You'll thank me one day.

I will close with the closing words of my keynote post:

Call me a hothead, radical, rabble rouser, lunatic, nutcase, crankshaft, meshugenah, am haaretz, Chossid shoteh, misnaged shoteh, or anything you want (you won’t be the first, just no death threats, please). But…

…ignore my words at your own peril, Shmerel.

You are flirting with danger.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Parshat Shlach Lecha - Putting the "Peh" before the "Ayin"

I think we all could use a break from the controversial issue of the past few posts. So I just want to dedicate a post to the current parsha.

This post is actually a reprint of a post that I wrote last August. But it is just as relevant now. It is based on an address by Rabbi Emanuel Bernstein delivered on Tisha B'Av in Har Nof.

I wish to dedicate this post to all of my newfound Facebook friends and those at JCW. I hope you find it inspirational.

There is a well-known anomaly that occurs in the Alef-Bet sequence of Megillas Eicha which is noted in the gemara in Sanhedrin 104b.

In every perek of Eicha except the first, instead of maintaining the true order of the letter ayi”n followed by the letter pe”h, the order is reversed wherein the letter pe”h comes first and is then followed by the letter ayi”n. The explanation given in the gemara is that this is a reference to the meraglim who told with their mouths – peh – things that they didn’t see with their eyes – ayin.

The gemara does not elaborate further, and so, Rabbi Bernstein asks: In what way did they say things that they did not see? Everything in their report was based on an actual sighting.

He answered by saying that when the meraglim referred to the land as ארץ אוכלת יושביה - a land that devours her inhabitants – they were purposely distorting the truth. Rashi says that they made these remarks because wherever they went, there was always a very major funeral taking place. Rashi said that HKBH orchestrated this unnatural occurrence so that the citizens would be too preoccupied to notice the spies. But, says Rabbi Bernstein, they chose not to see it this way and to “see” it as the natural characteristic of the land. This is despite the fact that other criteria prove out that this cannot be the normal tendency, they still used it to substantiate their claim.

What was going on?

Well, the frightening report that they delivered, for whatever their motives, was precisely the report that they had previously determined that they wanted to deliver. They only needed to amass the true facts that will support their assertion. Thus, they devised the report first. Only afterward did they look to see what is useful to corroborate it. They told over with their mouths – peh – what they did not see with an objective eye. Only with what they wanted to see with their subjective eye. First came the “report”, and then came the looking.

In our parlance, this is known as: building a case.

As such, many people have a tendency to first decide what is happening and only then to evaluate the evidence. Anything that does not support their preordained conclusion is disregarded despite its integrity. Things that can be used to support their foregone conclusion are magnified and enhanced and overvalued way beyond their scope. And oft-times, they are even fabricated.

This is building a case.

Thus, Darwinists promote unprovable and unsustainable theories and accept as gospel truth the flimsiest of evidence as well as a few hoaxes (google: Piltdown Man), all the while shrugging off more substantial evidence to the contrary, in an effort to substantiate their theory of evolution.

And, of course, case-building is the hallmark of criminal prosecution. In a society where an accused miscreant must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecution needs to “build a case against the accused in order to win a conviction. In some cases, there is no question in anybody’s mind as to the guilt of the accused such as where there is a voluntary confession, several objective eye-witnesses or irrefutable forensic evidence. In such a situation, the prosecutor can win his case without resorting to subversive means.

Unfortunately, he does not always have this luxury. Moreover, all too often there are no valid grounds to assume the accused is guilty at all. And in fact, he or she isn’t. But this never stops a dedicated prosecutor. His job is to convict the accused regardless of whether they are truly guilty. It is his record and reputation (and perhaps his job) on the line. And so, they are driven to convict the accused, guilty or not.

They have already determined that the accused is a danger to society. They merely need to convince those in power to pass judgment. Problem is, it is very difficult to find compelling evidence or elicit a confession from an innocent person. Undaunted, they pull out a whole bag of dirty tricks including coerced or false confessions, tampered evidence and lie detector tests, scare tactics and plea bargains, buying witnesses with reduced sentences for their crimes, unsubstantiable and third party testimony (i.e., he confessed to me privately in jail), withholding exculpatory evidence, character assassination, and the like. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. The main thing is to nail the ba****d.

And with these tools they build a case. And we become a society fraught with wrongful convictions. And, when things like this happen, we can never be certain that a convicted felon is really guilty and a danger to society. Can we?

And so, the spies put their mouth before their eyes. This means that before looking objectively, they already passed judgment with their mouths that the land is dangerous – ארץ אוכלת יושביה. They only needed to look now to seek out the supporting evidence. They needed to build their case.

Rabbi Bernstein intimated in his speech that this is the foundation of sinas chinam.  A person is infected with sinas chinam when they bend over backwards to build a case against the other person. Even when an objective look at the situation indicates otherwise.

People have a tendency to pre-judge situations and to pre-judge other people. This is sinas chinam – prejudice. When their judgments are challenged by other voices or contrary evidence, many prefer to question the evidence rather than the judgment. And to “silence” the other voices. They must build a case.

This tendency is rooted in arrogance and narcissism and a feeling of superiority. “Only I or those who think like me are in position to judge!” And, in many cases, it is fed by paranoia.

This is what I wrote about in my post about Midas HaDin. Among a short list of Human traits I wrote the following:

  • The human being firmly believes that good should be rewarded and evil should be punished and, as such, has a craving to administer justice and to exact revenge.

  • The normal human being (not a psychopath) cannot conscience unjustified violence. As such he must have some battle-cry or pretense which he will swear by to justify his actions.

Combined, these say to us that a Human being is driven to pass judgment. Yet, when a Human being passes judgment on somebody else, it must be couched in virtue, altruism, and righteousness. He must justify his authority to pass judgment on another. He must have a case. But, as Major Tetley teaches us in The Ox Bow Incident, the judgment does not need to be altered to fit the case. If anything, we must tailor the case to fit the judgment.

This is using the peh (mouth) to “pronounce” the sentence before using the eye (ayin) to check the facts. This is prejudice. This is sinas chinam.

The follies of the meraglim were performed by…the meraglim. These were not simple people. The Baal HaTurim says they were officers and judges at the Sarei Chamishim level. The most esteemed 2% of the population. Regardless, they were on par with Yehoshua and Kalev. They were learned and wise. Rashi tells us they were very chashuva people. And yet they fell prey to the Human failings of narcissism and paranoia that cause people to pre-judge and “speak” before they look.

So this tendency of case-building can affect anybody. Even very chashuva people.

Very recently, I put out a series of posts concerning an accused sexual offender (she has been called a “child molester” even though she hasn’t even been accused of molesting any children). My main purpose was to enlighten my readers that, as I understand the Halacha, once any Jew reaches Eretz Yisroel, no matter how evil they are, they cannot be sent out. Whatever evil is in effect must be dealt with here. 

As an additional element, I “built a case” to suggest that this person may not be as evil or dangerous as the Internet makes her look. Thus, unless we learn otherwise, there is no justification for mesira to non-Jewish authorities even here and certainly to the outside of Eretz Yisroel.

Since then, there has been a lot of publicity about another alleged offender. One who is much more “closer to home”. The circumstances in both cases are remarkably similar. In both cases the accusations were made after a substantial time lapse from the period of the alleged offenses. In both cases the alleged victims are touted as "children" but were at or beyond puberty, which does not indicate pedophilia. In both cases the accused denied all allegations. There are no confessions. In both cases there is absolutely no physical evidence or objective witnesses to support the allegations. There are only the claims of the accusers – nothing more. In both cases the alleged offenders relocated to Eretz Yisroel and in both cases there have been no complaints of repeat offenses as of the relocating.

In the initial case, there were no trials or dinei Torah by which one could say that the offender’s guilt was ever properly (or improperly) judged. In the second case, the offender was convicted in a bench trial (single judge) based solely on the testimony of two out the four accusers (the other two were quashed by the prosecution for being unreliable). From the superficial checking that I was able to do, it seems the defense claimed that the accusations were fabricated although it couldn’t prove they were fabricated (since this is next to impossible). The prosecution claimed that the accusations were not fabricated even though they could not prove that the accusations were not fabricated (although it should be possible as well as imperative in order to obtain a conviction). The solitary judge decided to convict the accused.

This is how judgement is passed in the U.S. of A. (and elsewhere).

The bottom line is that it has not been established through credible means that we are dealing with dangerous people. This does not mean that we should be complacent and disregard common sense safeguards in the presence of these people. It likewise does not mean they should be allowed to continue to teach or tutor or replicate the type of circumstances that provide fertile ground for unsavory activities and foment allegations.

But it does mean that there is no justification for punitive measures that supersede basic protective measures, such as malshinus, harassment, slander, mesira to goyim, “running out of town”, and certainly, extradition to chu”l for the sole purpose of mesira (based on unproven misdemeanors).

Now, I fully expected my position to be misunderstood, misconstrued, and basically opposed and challenged by liberal minded people, “consumers” who are unfamiliar with Torah oriented thinking. The erev rav אשר אינם יודעים בין ימינם ושמאלם. Those who do not know how to evaluate facts and will pass judgment first and look later at all the “evidence” that supports their conviction (and disregard anything else).

What is totally astounding as well as appalling is the number of “chashuva” people, Sarei Chamishim (and even higher), judges with beards and black velvet yarmulkas who cannot hold back from being motzi dibah. Who pronounce with their mouths (or blog and Facebook posts), what they refuse to look at with their eyes. Who bend over backwards to build a case that the land – or the alleged unproven offender – is unequivocally dangerous.

For those who delve into the sewer of the blogosphere, you may notice that I have not restricted my diatribe to my own blogsite – although it is the only place where I can express myself properly. I have ventured to bring a bit of sanity and open-mindedness to some other blogsites that specialize in this schmutz (in the Comments section). This is because, since their material is much more aggressive and coarse (i.e., spicy), they have a much bigger readership - so I can spread a bit of gospel.

In the “whitewash” section of my main Malka Leifer post decrying extradition, I challenged the claim asserted by Yerachmiel Lopin of Frum Follies that the Adass school was aware of her (alleged) activities earlier than reported. I decided to access the said FrumFollies post and assert my challenge on site as well. We carried on a respectful give-and-take the last week of June. As you would expect, neither party convinced the other. This carried on until early July when he challenged me:

BTW, will you revise your claim that there is no public safety purpose in prosecuting her because according to you she only molested Australian girls because she missed …her husband who was in Israel. According to this story (click HERE) she is abusing her own children in Israel?

Let’s overlook the fact that he is misrepresenting my “claim”. I wrote many times that if you have grounds to prosecute, go ahead. Just don’t send her back to Australia. What he is now doing is presenting a lone news article, which was obviously researched and written by an antagonistic person for the purpose of maligning the accused, as proof that she is currently a danger. He needs to justify his call for extradition to Australia.

I responded (slightly abridged):

Personally, I never take anything I read at face value. I also make an effort to read between the lines. This particular article that you linked to is clearly on a vilification rampage. Of course it quoted people who vilify her – as well as Manny Waks. If it interviewed people who say she’s an angel would it quote them as well?

I never made a judgement whether she is a good person or not. My mission is to stand up for Kavod HaTorah and kedushas Eretz Yisroel. The Halachos of mesira forbid it (mesira) no matter how evil the person is unless they are a menace to the society that wants to be moser them. There is a special Halacha of not extraditing people out of E”Y, even criminals.

Despite the above, it looks clearly to me that you and The Age and many people are bending over backwards to make a case to justify a mob lynching.

I will not be a party to it.

There, I said it straight out. He is building a case. The amazing thing is that he didn’t give up. It must be that he knows for a fact that she is definitely as evil as described. I don’t know how, but he certainly does. So he writes:

As always, you find every possible reason to believe she is not a risk to others, and every halachic angle to argue against prosecuting her, in spite of the terrible toll of her molesting. Will you now correct your claim…? 

Get this? This person calls himself a frum Jew, yet he criticizes me for finding “every Halachic angle to argue against prosecuting…”. Note that he does not invalidate or dispute the Halachic angles. They may be perfectly valid but I am at fault for finding them!! (They weren’t very hard to find, by the way.)

Well, not exactly. All the Halachic angles must be invalid due to the “terrible toll of her molesting.” You see, the terrible toll is proven and indisputable so it trumps all halachic angles – even those that apply regardless of whatever terrible toll took place.

This is somebody putting his peh before his ayin. And I am not sure it can be called an “ayin tova”, either. He knows she is currently dangerous. She has to be dangerous because her being dangerous fits his agenda. He just needs to find the evidence.

Incidentally, I asked him, in my response, to quote precisely what words of mine need to be revised, instead of crudely [mis]paraphrasing me. I did not receive a response to this.

The next case-building meragel, the Sar Meah and (self-proclaimed) advocate of the down-trodden is the Fied Feifer of Rockland, the Great Avenger, Harav Yaakov Horowitz. His gripe involves the second offender in this discussion. The one who lives close to me.

Now, I have already written that this case is far from iron-clad despite the apparent conviction. Only somebody who is intimately familiar with all the details can make an informed judgement.

Irrespective, Rav Yaakov has decided on his own that there are no flaws in this case. Hence, it is the biggest mitzvah to slander and harass this person regardless if such actions will do nothing to protect any “children”. Also he believes b’emunah shleima that he ought to be extradited from E”Y to chu”l to be mosered to the goyim to face charges for a phantom misdemeanor which, according to the American defense lawyer, is not on the books. (Doesn’t really matter if it is.) This great mitzvah outweighs all halachos of motzi-shem-ra, malshinus, ona’ah, mesira, Gonev Ish u’Mecharo, Lo Tasgir and a host of others. 

According to Rav Horowitz the denials of guilt and lack of any substantial evidence is immaterial as are the letters of countless supporters at post trial. Rav Horowitz has a lynch mob agenda just like Major Tetley and so he tells all his thousands of Facebook friends on Aug. 3:

[The offender] is a very, very perverted and dangerous person, perhaps the most dangerous I've ever met.

From all of the fully confirmed unmarried molesters that really did molest real children (little ones) and not just “inappropriately touch” pre-teenage boys (allegedly), and who has a stable marriage and no complaints since he left NY (and before), this fellow is deemed the most dangerous!

Well, he has to be dangerous and continue to be dangerous because this is the only way to build a case to harass him and his family for no good reason. Of course he also needs to throw in other unsustainable claims, “He has a reputation as a serial pedophile” and that he “is a murderer.” (FB – Aug.5).

But why is he really so very dangerous? Is it because he will eat your children alive?

No. It is because he has the temerity to defend himself against all this wanton harassment by suing Yaakov Horowitz for the slanderous comments and tweets that Rav Horowitz actually generated and dissipated. Because of this personal affront, Rav Horowitz is appealing to all his chassidim to join him in his lynch mob. Because he is so very dangerous. (If he gets away with this, he may sue somebody else!)

So to prove he is dangerous, he builds his case. In a personal message to me on the Daas Torah blog (Aug. 3) he proudly announced:

[The offender] is a serial pedophile who has been molesting kids since at least 2000 in numerous schools and Shuls in 3 states and 2 countries that we know about.

So I both emailed him and posted publicly (ibid.):

…please provide me with details about the molestation that "we know about" that took place in any states or countries besides NY, USA. (I.e., which other two states and which other country and how do you know?)

I am still (patiently) waiting for his response.

The last case-building meragel is the Sar Haelef himself and unparalleled master of Daas Torah, Harav Daniel Eidensohn, Shlita.

My online debate can be found in the comments on three Horowitz vs. YW posts on the Daas Torah blog (HERE, HERE and HERE). I obviously lost the debate because Rabbi Eidensohn said so and it’s his blog.

Rabbi Eidensohn and his chassidim clearly subscribe to the belief that: Once a rodef, always a rodef. And consequently, anybody who has ever been classified as a rodef or mitza’er ess hatzibur carries that status for life, wherever he goes, no matter how nicely he behaves. Hence, it is always justified to harass and slander him or her. Moreover, this perpetual “rodef” status means that it is always sakanas nefashos so it is muttar to extradite, for the purpose of mesira, any ex-molester from any point on the globe to any point on the globe to do him in.

They also firmly believe that any type of offense is capital giluy arayos – even 2nd degree seksual abuse (Class A Misdemeanor – non-felony) which typically precludes force or “penetration”.

Lastly, they firmly believe that any type of conviction, even a misdemeanor conviction in a bench trial on very shaky ground (no confession, evidence or witnesses) in NY State, is absolute irrefutable proof that the offender is truly guilty as charged. (And they call me naïve!)

I valiantly tried to direct Rabbi Eidensohn to all the Halachic sources and legalistic flaws that prove otherwise, but alas, I was too ignorant, misguided, naïve, and terribly wrong. Although he neglected to demonstrate how or why. Every Halachic source I quoted was “misapplied” even if it is pashut pshat. He hasn’t read any of my 18 or so Mesira posts and he never will. They are all too long for him and he is a very busy fellow. He has a blog to maintain.

But I suppose the truth must be that this alleged offender is definitely exceedingly dangerous because I don’t know anything about these types of people and he knows so much more than I do. And besides, he was convicted, and assessed a high risk level (by the same judge)…

So despite a lack of real hard evidence, any recent incidents, or even Rabbinic approval by any Rav who is truly familiar with the case, the judgment is passed by a consensus of bloggers and self-proclaimed child abuse advocates. Anybody can build a case when the “nation” is cheering them on.

And so, these chashuva people, the fied fifers, Yerachmiel Lopin, Rabbi Horowitz, Rabbi Eidensohn and the RCANZ are so intent on ridding the world of our “vermin” that they are afraid to look at the halachic structure or the true [sorry] state of the evidence in each case. All of these people are tenaciously holding on to a philosophy of: “Once a rodef, always a rodef!” despite the fact that it’s possible they were never a rodef in the first place and that, even if so, extradition and mesira overseas is still forbidden.

So in light of Rabbi Bernstein’s remarks, as we look back at Tisha B’Av we take out this lesson:

As long as the Rambam, Shulchan Aruch, Chofetz Chaim, the facts on the ground and the guidelines set by the poskim listed in Rav Zvi Gertner’s kuntress (Dam Reacha – Yeshurun Vol. 15) are irrelevant, as they are to Yerachmiel Lopin, Rabbi Horowitz, Rabbi Eidensohn, and to the RCANZ, these meraglim will declare the subject “dangerous” and the case will be built. The judgments will be made before the facts are evaluated and the harassment, motzi-shem-ra, malshinus, the sinas chinam and the churban will go on unabated.

כל דור שאינו נבנה בית המקדש בימיו, מעלין עליו כאלו הוא החריבו!